Hair411: Summer Chignon


The first reaction we have when the sun is beaming down is to throw our locks up in a ponytail to stay cool. It’s time to take a second to think about looking cool too.

Here are a few simple techniques for those of you who want more than just your standard ponytail and are ready to take your look a step further while keeping it cool. This look is so low maintenance; you can wear it at the beach or out on the town.

Simple Directions

1. If you are at the beach, spray in Redken Color Extend Sun Sparkling Shield to protect your hair from fading and to add a bit of shine.

2. Brush your hair straight back with a tail comb, creating a very low side part.

3. Pull all of your hair into a low ponytail and tightly twist it around itself to create a chignon.

4. Secure your hair with an elastic or bobby pins, but don’t be afraid if pieces fall out, a slightly disheveled look is great as well.

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