Hair411: Recycled Chic-ness


Rodney Cutler and his team of experts were at Half Gallery Thursday afternoon perfecting the hair for Cynthia Rowley’s 2010 Resort Collection. Rowley made this collection all about taking things from the past and making them new again — literally. She fashioned once forgotten about scraps from her studio into breathtaking pieces.

Having Rowley’s vision in mind, Rodney Cutler brought back the classic French twist with some flair. He prepped the models’ hair with Cutler Volumizing Spray and created an updated take on the French twist with a side part. This was done by pulling hair to one side and, rather than twisting, folding it over itself again and again for a pleated style, slightly askew. “It’s quirky, it’s fun, it’s Cynthia,” he said. He also fastened two bows made of newspaper to drive home the recycled effect.

This look can easily be re-created at home. Enjoy the versatility and have fun, it doesn’t always have to be perfect.

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