Hair411: Protect Thy Hair


The only thing you should be cooking outside this summer are hotdogs and hamburgers–not your hair. If you don’t take critical preventive steps to block your hair from sun damage, you may not like what you hear from your hairdresser come fall.

Let’s get a few facts straight. Despite what you have read on hair care bottles, SPF is not regulated by the FDA for hair care. Products with an SPF can and will protect your SCALP from the sun but not your hair. One reason is that shampoos and conditioners simply rinse out. There is no way to know how much, if any, sunscreen remains in the hair. With styling aids sunscreen ingredients break up or are removed when heat is applied.

It sounds logical that there would be some type of leave-in product with SPF, but no one has developed a product that holds up. The main reason is that sunscreen ingredients just do not adhere well to hair.

The beauty industry has come a long way the past ten years. I am confident that someday something will be on the market to suit all our needs on the beach. Until then…shield your hair with a hat or scarf.

Check in next time for beach Hair411.