Hair411: Meet Francesca


Hair411 is an new exciting column that brings the hair experts from the runways and hair salons directly to you. Everything you have ever wondered about your hair- whether it’s about the color, style, texture, or even products- wonder no more!

Now, a little about me. I am Francesca D’ambrosio, the Director of Education for CUTLER salon in NYC, and I have been in the industry for fourteen years. I moved to NYC from Chicago in 2001, where I carried out an apprenticeship at Bumble and Bumble, and shortly thereafter joined their education team.

I firmly believe that hair is, can be, and definitely should be one of your strongest assets. You wear it everyday. Let it enhance your best features. And because I’ve had the opportunity to work with top designers, models, hairdressers, and make up artists, it’s now my time to pass on all of my knowledge and experiences to the StyleCaster community.

Stay tuned…