Hair411: Make the Cut


As a hairdresser, I don’t recommend cutting your hair at home. Those of you out there with bangs know that you usually need a trim before your next trip to the salon, and since running to your hairstylist every two weeks isn’t feasible for most, there are ways to do this yourself. Maintaining your bangs can be done successfully with just a little patience, and here are a few easy guidelines to help you out.

First and foremost, make sure you have the proper tools before you start snipping. A pair of proper haircutting scissors is essential. You can pick up an inexpensive pair at your local beauty supply store. Kitchen scissors, while great for cutting paper, are not fit to trim hair. The blades actually bend the hair as they cut, and your bangs will end up crooked.

Make sure your bangs are dry and styled. Wet hair is longer and disguises your hair’s natural texture – if you’re not careful, you may overcompensate and cut too much off. Remember to cut your bangs longer first because you can always go back and trim more.

The best technique is what we call point cutting. Hold your scissors perpendicular to your bangs so that the tips of the scissors are facing the ceiling on a slight angle. This will create movement on the bottom and camouflage any imperfections. I don’t recommend cutting a straight blunt line. Leave that up to the experts. Trust me.

If cutting your own bangs sounds too daring for you, see if your salon offers complimentary bang trims between haircuts. At Cutler, we are always accommodating not only to existing clients but welcome new clients as well. You can make an appointment or stop in anytime during business hours.

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