Hair411: Double Edge Sword


Some clients have a love/hate relationship with the razor. From my experience in hairdressing, some clients cringe when they hear the “R” word when other clients can’t live without it.

The razor is misunderstood. Many clients are sometimes under the impression that a “razor cut” is a “shredded cut.” A razor is not a shredder. A razor is a blade. When the blade is used properly, it creates movement, eliminates unwanted weight, and brings out your natural texture.

Just about every hair style can be done with a razor if correctly employed.

When it comes to making the final call of which tool would best suit your locks, leave it up to the experts. It is always best to consult. If you live in New York City or plan to visit soon, here are the top salons specializing in razor cutting techniques.

Bumble and bumble
, Cutler Salon, and Arrojo Studios.