Hair411: Consultation Catastrophe


Okay, there is nothing worse than having a specific idea in your head of what you want walking into the salon and leaving with something completely different. We can easily prevent any potential catastrophes even before you dip your head into the shampoo bowl. Everything starts with a crystal clear consultation.

Lets start with a “trim.” What exactly is a trim? It’s as if I worked in a restaurant and had a table come in and tell me they were a “little hungry.” A little hungry to one person may be starving to another. Vague, unclear descriptions will only lead to disaster. Your inch and your hairdresser’s inch are different. Trust me.

Questions are critical. The more the merrier. My clients are always so apologetic for the overload….I’m gracious. Be specific with your questions and get clear answers. You should know exactly where your hair is going to fall.

So now that you have a clear vision of your haircut, it’s time to relax and enjoy the experience. Let your hairdresser work their magic so you leave the chair pleased.

Stay tuned ’til next time….” Is this haircut me?” It’s one thing for a haircut to look good on you, but does it match your personality?

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