Hair411: Beauty and the Beach


As you are off to the beach this summer, you will want to be wearing more than just your swimsuit and sunscreen. Beach accessories should be both stylish and practical. Whether you want to save with bargains choices or break the bank, there are many to choose from.

Baseball caps might not sound very appealing, but they are chic and easy in the summer. Whether you are playing beach volleyball or just taking in the sun, baseball caps are one of my top choices.

Bandanas have also been my savior for my thick naturally curly hair. They don’t have to be your basic paisley print. Instead choose from florals, solids, stripes and other patterns. These are great for the beach. Bandanas shield your hair from the sun and look fashionable too!

Ponytails never fail to please. They are very versatile and look great on just about everybody. My secret? Carry a fine tooth comb in your beach bag along with some type of styling crème or gel. When you get out of the water immediately put a quarter-sized amount of styling crème in your hair and thoroughly comb it through. Then, comb it into a very neat, low ponytail. I am a huge fan of Cutler’s Styling Crème. It is nice and thick so the weight holds my wet hair in place as it dries in the sun. The reason for the fine tooth comb…..a bump free ponytail.

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