Hair411: Back to the Future


If you look at the hairstyles swarming the streets today, you will probably get struck with some intense déjà vu. Hairstyles from nearly every decade (although, not so many from the 80’s) are making a comeback.

Prada just released their Spring-Summer 2009 campaign and I absolutely adore it! It helps that I am a total sucker for James Dean and the styling in the ad channels his hair perfectly. Last August, Jenni Garth also took some decidedly retro inspiration. She looks just like Marilyn Monroe in 1950. One of my favorite decades is the 1920’s. Katy Perry has been wearing a bob and a blunt bang, which was the most popular style in the roaring 20’s.

When hairstyles come back in fashion, they often evolve and change.

I absolutely loved Mia Farrow’s haircut done by Vidal Sassoon in 1968 for her role in Rosemary’s Baby the iconic one that Michelle William recently channeled. Her hair looks as if Vidal cut it himself.

So if you are unsure of how to wear your hair for a special event or are looking for a “new” look for yourself, look into the past…you might be lucky enough to find something extraordinary for yourself.

Stay tuned…How did she do that? Email questions along with images of your favorite looks I will give you a simple step-by-step breakdown so you’ll be styling your hair with your eyes closed!