Hair Trend Alert: Are Cornrows the New Fishtail Braid?

Augusta Falletta

For the past few seasons, braids have been taking the hair industry by full force. From thousands of tutorials on how to fishtail braid your own hair to learning the waterfall braid and the braided headband, it’s no secret that more than cut or color, braids are the biggest hair trend right now. Evidence from the red carpet coming straight from Beyonce and Kendall Jenner alike, braided hairstyles are here to stay, and we’re okay with that. Lately, though, we couldn’t help but notice a new, or better yet, refreshed, type of braid on the red carpet: cornrows.

A style that ran rampant in the ’90s and early 2000s, cornrows have been sneaking up on us in the form of one or three braids at the side of the head. Most recently seen on Kristen Stewart in Paris, the style has taken on a 2013 flare by being more polished and only on one side of the head, while the other side takes on side-swept waves. After careful observation, it seems that cornrows are the new “It” braid, but we want to hear your take! Take a look at the celebrities wearing cornrows above, and vote below to tell us what you think the fate of the cornrows will be.

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