Hair Trends from the ’00s We’re Glad Are Over

Megan Segura
Hair Trends from the ’00s We’re Glad Are Over
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The ’00s were an exciting time. N’Sync was on the radio and Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie were best friends (in real life and on “The Simple Life”). But with the good came the very, very bad. Here are five hair trends we were happy to see go.

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Skunky Highlights
There was a time when thick, chunky highlights were a novel idea. Then someone had the brilliant idea to pair thick bleach blonde highlights with a dark base color. The result was very Pepé Lew Pew. Thankfully, Nicole has changed her tacky ways and moved on to pastel-colored pastures.

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Crazy-Long Extensions
Speaking of Paris, she helped usher in the trend of ridiculously long, stringy extensions. While most celebs have let go of this trend, there are those who are still clinging on with dear life (ahem, Lindsay Lohan).

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The Pouf
The pouf came in all different sizes when it appeared in the early '00s. Some poufs were small, some poufs were big, but we can probably all agree that all the poufs were bad. Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi gave the pouf a special kind of notoriety when she appeared on the "Jersey Shore."

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If we didn't get enough headbands during "Gossip Girl," then we certainly saw our fair share on "Laguna Beach," thanks to Lauren Conrad. It was an accurate portrayal of the all-too-popular headband/ponytail combo that was trending everywhere.

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Over-Layered Hair
Layers were meant to give volume to flat, lifeless hair, but for some reason the popular trend in the '00s was to cut a lot of layers and then flat iron hair. The result was a choppy, mullet-like one. We bet even Ashlee Simpson was happy to see this trend die.

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