Hair Transformation Number…Uh, I Lost Track


You’ve all followed me through my journey as I experimented with going from shoe polish black hair to blonde.

Lisa  blonde.jpgNew Year’s Eve 2010

Part of me wanted to see if blondes really did have more fun and part of me was just bored with being a brunette. I’m super experimental with my hair and I don’t mind trying new things because I know I can always slab some color over the mistake or that my hair will grow back.

About a month ago I started to think about the days of dark hair. I remember how healthy and shiny my hair used to be. But most of all I remember how I was able to actually grow my hair out. With blonde hair I was limited to length because if I let it grow too much, my locks would become frizzy and dead looking. After looking at old photos of myself I finally decided to take the plunge and go back to my roots; back to black.

I checked out a new salon for the process. The name of the place is called Balance Hair Salon in Jersey City, NJ. It’s like sitting on the inside of a lava lamp. Some of the people are a little wackadoodle and they play Led Zeppelin way too loud for my liking but I had my hair cut there two weeks earlier and they did a phenomenal job.

After consulting with the hair colorist Justin he went to work slathering on the dark goop on my hair. I was a little nervous for the final result. I mean, there are actually people out there who’ve never seen me with dark hair! I’ve always been blond to them!

Well, I couldn’t be happier with the end result!

Lisa_Back to Black 1.jpg
Self-portrait right after the blow out.

Lisa_Back to Black 2.jpgWith The Donna at Thanksgiving

So. What do you all think???

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