This Shampoo Will Give You the Thick, Lush Hair of Your Dreams

Rachel Krause

Hair thickening shampoo

First, the bad news: Short of a hormonal or biological change, fine, thin hair isn’t going to get any thicker. It can look thicker, and feel thicker, and act thicker thanks to an arsenal of hair thickening shampoos, conditioners, and styling products, but, like your worst ex-boyfriend, the actual diameter of each individual strand of hair isn’t ever going to change.

But the things we envy about thick hair—its natural body and texture, its better canvas for styling—now those things? Those things can easily be mimicked. Bumble and bumble Surf Foam Wash Shampoo ($24, isn’t billed as a strictly hair thickening shampoo, but as far as hair thickening shampoos go, it’s a godsend. Inspired by the brand’s beloved original Surf spray, the Foam Wash uses salty minerals and sea fennel and kelp extracts to infuse hair with beachy texture while hydrating, softening, and enhancing natural waves. The resulting formulation wipes out product buildup and other impurities and builds body so effectively, you’ll swear your hair was actually thicker. (To reiterate: It isn’t. It just seems that way.) Read more: Hairstyles for Long Thick Hair