This Beauty Trend Is Like Summer Camp in Your Hair

Victoria Moorhouse

Anyone who schooled the other kids during arts and crafts at summer camp will already have the upper hand on the latest beauty trend taking over Instagram and the festival circuit. It’s called hair tapestry—and it’s exactly what it sounds like. Colorful, patterned designs are weaved into the hair using embroidery thread and a spool. We’d like to think of it as a much more advanced version of those rainbow hair wraps you obsessed over in the late ’90s—and what’s probably going to replace our beloved flower crowns, because let’s face it, it’s due time for an upgrade.

The trend made it big thanks to Bleach London, a salon that reportedly offers this styling session at special events in London. Because it’s so intricate and at least looks like it requires some skill, it makes wearing flower crowns look like an amateur choice for all those summer concerts.

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The technique even showed up in recent editorial modeled by Immy Waterhouse—Suki’s little sister–for Miss Vogue UK, and social media users haven’t been shy about showing off their own looks, too. Search #Hairtapestries on Instagram and you’ll get a good idea of how drastically it can be done. Some users opt for larger tapestries with coordinating thread, while others just tried the look on a few front strands. Our hunch is that it takes some practice, so after you stock up on string politely ask to borrow a friend’s head for a bit – and if you get the knack, try out a design or too, because that’s how you really prove you’ve got the trend down.

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