New Site Lets You Get Your and Makeup Done Without Ever Leaving Your House

Meghan Blalock

We fancy ourselves gender-forward folks here at StyleCaster, but if there’s one statement we feel most ladies would agree with, it’s this: Having your hair done is one of life’s greatest pleasures. What’s not fun: going through the hassle of making an appointment, breaking up your work day to get it done, and then the awkward exchange of tip money at the end of the experience. But one new site offers all the fun with none of the strife.

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Prettier Please is a just-launched site that allows users to book in-home hair appointments with professional stylists. Right now, the site is limited in its scope and services—appointments are confined to the island of Manhattan, and hairstylists mostly work with dry hair (the exceptions being blowouts and updos). But there are already plans to expand the company in major ways—they’ve already grown from just working with dry hair to also applying makeup.

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“It should be about relaxing and having a good time, which we really focus on bringing that into the experience,” the site’s co-founder Olivia Cranin tells StyleCaster. “It can be such a hassle to make and keep these appoinments. That’s why we launched Prettier Please.”

“We wanted to make something very affordable and also give a woman that sense of being pampered as she is in the salon,” co-founder Rachel McLaughlin adds. “But without the pain points of setting up multiple appointments. Our attitude was just, let’s get it all done and make it very efficient.”

prettier please

How It Works: It’s quite simple, really. You just head to, select what service you want (starting at just $40!), select when you want your stylists to arrive, and voila. The best part: you tip the stylists in advance, so there’s no awkward exchange of money once they get to your house.

“Our stylists show up to your doorstep with a mini bottle of champagne or an iced coffee if you book before 3 p.m.,” Rachel explains. “We are seeing a trend toward this early-morning young professional who wants to get a blowout before a big conference or meeting. Then there’s girls who want to get ready before they go out at night, like a fun pre-game.”

Plans for expansion: Prettier Please will bring services to Brooklyn “within a few months,” Olivia says, and will enter the Philadelphia market in 2015. After that, they’ve got their sights set on both Boston and Chicago, followed by a West Coast expansion tentatively scheduled for 2017.

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