Hair Styling Tips: Rodarte’s Runway Hair


Rodarte was a huge hit this season. Based on the theme that women could be scarred but still beautiful, the designers took all of their fabrics and basically destroyed and distorted them; by painting, burning, and shredding, they created a unique texture for each of their fabrics.

Not only was the collection wonderfully imaginative, but the hair, make-up, and tribal tattoos were striking. It’s a shame sleeve tattoos aren’t deemed professional, otherwise it would be straight to the parlor for some fresh Rodarte-inspired ink.

Since that’s only our fantasy, and not exactly practical, here is the complete guide to achieving something a bit more realistic: the Rodarte-inspired hair style, created by Odile Gilbert for Aveda.

Step-by-Step Guide:

Step 1: Dampen hair with water and prep with Aveda Styling Foam, $14, at to add volume. Scrunch hair with fingers while blow-drying.

Step 2: Sprinkle Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion, $23, at generously on hair (using most of the bottle), working in layers, to create a matte, roughed-up texture throughout. Massage product into the hair and scalp with fingers.


Step 3: Once Hair Potion is worked in, scrunch and twist hair with fingers while blowing-drying. Spray hair liberally with Aveda Air Control Hair Spray, $23, at for workable hold. (Or your personal selection of control hair spray, but make sure the hold is not heavy, so you can still work with the hair).


Step 4: Twist the sides of hair back and secure at ear-level with black hair pins.

Step 5: Prepare a piece of natural black wool by spreading it out with fingers to create a thin veil. Beginning across the top of the head, a couple of inches from the hairline, spread the wool out delicately, pinning it securely in place. Continue draping the organic wool over hair to ends, securing in place with pins.

Step 6: Twirl the wool around the ends and tie into a knot, creating the illusion of the end of a ponytail. Spray thoroughly with Aveda Air Control Hair Spray to hold the look in place.


Now you’re runway ready, Rodarte-style. Keep reading for more beautiful tips and step-by-step styling pointers from the hottest runway looks.