Hair Styling Tips: How to Customize Your Hairstyle

Rachel Adler

Name: Kelsy Osterman

Agency/Salon: Cutler Salon

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

Current Neighborhood: Williamsburg, Brooklyn

What brands/salons have you worked for?: Juut Salon/Spa (Aveda Products)

What is your favorite shampoo or conditioner?: Redken Extreme Shampoo/Conditioner

Hairspray?: Redken 09 Workforce Hairspray

Styling Product?: Cutler Volumizing Spray

What is your best hair tip for women?: Life can be so much easier if you can embrace some of your natural texture! I think it gives you more of an organic customized style.

What do you think was the worst hair trend of all time?: “Soul Glow” Jerry Curl.

Have you personally ever had a hair disaster?: I think, yes, everyone has had a nasty hairday…