What Is The Best Hair-Straightening Process Out There?

Amanda Elser

Dear Wesley, 

What is the best kind of hair straightening process out there that won’t kill your hair?



I am assuming you mean a permanent to semi-permanent straightening? If so, Keratin treatment is the way to go! This process leaves the hair silky smooth with no damage. Keratin treatments are not permanent so the hair starts to get some of it’s wave back after a few weeks, getting more wavy with time. This way, you are not left with wavy new growth and straight ends. Who wants that?! Bumble & bumble also makes an at home straightening kit that is great, and affordable. Paired with the line’s shampoo, conditioner, and straightening “blow out” balm you can achieve great results. This process does not use ammonia, so if that is a concern of yours it may be a better option for you.

If you are looking to just use a flat iron to straighten your hair, it is SUPER important to put something on the hair to protect it. Surprisingly, I like to add cream to the hair before I flat iron. I suggest using Pantene Pro-V Normal-Thick Hair Style Straighten & Smooth Crème. Once the hair is dry, distribute evenly throughout the hair and flat iron as normal. Typically, these creams are to be used during the blow drying process, but I think that a little bit more on dry help give it that added kick it needs. When you apply the flat iron, the heat really helps the cream to penetrate the hair and seal itself into the cuticle. This protects the hair from damage and leaves your hair silky smooth, shiny and straight!

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