6 Ridiculously Easy Hair Looks You Can Do with a Scarf

Rachel Krause

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There’s no reason that hair scarves should be reserved for dirty hair days—they’re the perfect way to take a look to the next level with the bare minimum of effort. There are countless ways to wear ’em, not to mention the fact that there’s no better way to get some use out of silk scarves that don’t actually provide any warmth in the winter. (We are all guilty of owning items with zero practical purpose.)

These hair scarf looks are so simple. Once you’ve got them down to a science, don’t be surprised if you find yourself reaching for them day after day, whether it’s to add something exciting to a neutral outfit or just to get your hair out of your face. Trust us: They’re addictive.

hair scarf dolce & gabbana

Photo: ImaxTree

The quintessential hair scarf look is pretty much foolproof—just tie the loose ends of the scarf in a knot around the base of a ponytail for an easy breezy, Italian Riviera–inspired look.

Photo: ImaxTree

hair scarf marc by marc jacobs

A traditional turban look goes perfectly with a tousled, messy bun or ponytail.

hair scarf moschino

Photo: ImaxTree

Kick your top knot up a notch by finishing it off with a turban-tied polka dot scarf. This look works with any degree of hair knot, whether it’s on the looser, lower side or perched right on top of your head.

hair scarf veronique leroy

Photo: ImaxTree

Skip a traditional silk scarf and use a length of mesh fabric to tie off a bun or ponytail.

hair scarf hermes

Photo: ImaxTree

Take a medium-size square scarf and drape it over your head an inch or two back from your hairline, then tie it at the nape of your neck. Worn with a center part, it’s super simple and elegant. (No, the scarf doesn’t have to be Hermés.)

hair scarf missoni

Photo: ImaxTree

Complement a shiny, slicked-back updo by tying it off with a long rectangular patterned scarf.

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