7 DIY Hair Rinses So Crazy, They Just Might Work

Alle Connell

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When it comes to getting next level gorgeous hair, we’ll try anything once. And the trendy treatment right now? DIY rinses.

That’s right: amazing hair could be as simple as rinsing it with a special homemade concoction after you’ve washed it. Even your favorit celebrities are using them (and their hair always looks amazing).

Naturally, everyone has an opinion about what constitutes the perfect hair rinse, so we’ve rounded up 7 of the best, so-crazy-they-just-might-work hair rinses we’ve come across. Give them a try and see which works for you!


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1. Apple Cider Vinegar.

Who loves it: Jessica Alba.

How to do it: The exact recipe varies depending on your hair, but a safe starting point is mixing 1/4 cup Apple Cider Vinegar with 16oz of water. After shampooing, rinse your hair with this mixture and massage it in, let it sit for three minutes, then rinse it out.

The benefits: Rinsing your hair with diluted ACV is said to remove product buildup, make hair super-shiny and promote growth. Some people even claim it makes their hair curlier.

The downsides: If you’re not exactly a fan of the smell, ACV can be a challenge. Proponents of this method say that it doesn’t smell once your hair dries, but we remain skeptical.

beer hair

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2. Beer.

Who loves it: Catherine Zeta-Jones.

How to do it: Leave a can or bottle of beer out until it’s flat and room-temperature. Pour it over your hair after shampooing, then rinse out well.

The benefits: Fans feel that the proteins and vitamins in beer (especially dark beers) nourish the hair, making it extra shiny.

The downsides: Detractors say that the alcohol in beer is overly drying for hair. Plus, the smell tends to really stick around (trust us, we’ve tried this many times).

tea 7 DIY Hair Rinses So Crazy, They Just Might Work

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3. Teas.

Who loves it: We’ve heard that this is one of the go-to hair treatments for many models at Fashion Week. Don’t tell anyone we told you.

How to do it: Brew a strong pot of black, green or chamomile tea. Let it cool to room temperature, then pour it through hair after conditioning. Rinse well to prevent discoloring.

The benefits: Tea rinses are credited with everything from preventing breakage to promoting hair growth and nixing grey hairs. The caffeine in black and green tea is also supposed to enhance the curl pattern in natural hair.

The downsides: Black tea especially can discolor light hair. Be careful!

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4. Coca-Cola.

Who loves it: Suki Waterhouse.

How to do it: After shampooing, tip a can of cola over your head and rinse it out. Some people say the carbonation is necessary to get the full effect, and some people swear by flat. Use your good judgement.

The benefits: The Coca-Cola rinse is meant to add heaps of volume and shine to hair, especially if it’s fine. Fans also say it helps give them the coveted “second-day hair” immediately after washing.

The downsides: Many feel that all the sugar in Coke isn’t the best. Plus, if your hair is thick, it can be hard to rinse it all out—and that’s how you get ants.

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5. Coffee.

Who loves it: Pinterest in general.

How to do it: Brew a cup of coffee and let it cool to room temperature. Mix it in 16oz of water, then rinse your hair with it after shampooing.

The benefits: Not only is this meant to temporarily boost brunette hair colors, it’s also said to increase shine and naturally condition hair. It also smells pretty fantastic.

The downsides: If you don’t have dark hair, it doesn’t take much coffee to stain your lovely locks.

champagne hair

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6. Champagne.

Who loves it: Diana Vreeland (though she may have just been kidding).

How to do it: Post-shampoo, pour newly-opened champagne over your head and comb through well. Leave it in for ten minutes, then rinse well.

The benefits: Blondes may find that champagne brightens their color and adds additional golden tones to their locks. You can also live out all of your Absolutely Fabulous champers fantasies.

The downsides: As with beer, the jury’s out on whether the alcohol in bottles of bubbles is entirely good for hair. If you’re unconvinced, though, you could always “accidentally” pour it into your mouth instead!

Photo: valentinarr / Getty

Photo: valentinarr / Getty

7. Lemon juice.

Who loves it: Miranda Kerr.

How to do it: Juice three to four lemons until you have 1/4 of a cup of fresh lemon juice. Mix it into 16oz of warm-to-room temperature water. Pour over your head after shampooing, massaging into the scalp. Rinse well!

The benefits: Those with blonde, light brown or strawberry hair may see a subtle lightening effect over time. It’s also supposed to prevent hair breakage and fight dandruff. Plus, who doesn’t like to smell like lemons?

The downsides: Lemons have a lot of sugar, so people who have certain scalp conditions should steer clear. It should go without saying, but you also shouldn’t get this in your eyes. Ouch.

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