5 Ways to Wear a Black Hair Ribbon

We love a good hair accessory. The perfect accessory dresses up the hair with little effort, and makes even a simple ponytail look glamorous. One adornment we love—and perfect for the holidays—is the black hair ribbon. No longer reserved for your five-year-old cousin, ribbons can be elegant and add a feminine flare to any look. Just add a motorcycle jacket, and you’ve got the perfect contrast of edgy and girly. Check out our five favorite ways to wear the ribbon below.

Ribbon Headband

black hair ribbon

Photo: Rolando Robínson

Pull a thick ribbon around your head and tie it underneath for a simple headband. We love pulling some hair in front for a peek-a-boo feel.

Ponytail with a Bow

ponytail with bow

Photo: Rolando Robínson

Dress up a simple wavy ponytail with a black bow. And if satin is too girly, try a sheer ribbon instead.

Fishtail Ribbon Braid

fishtail braid

Photo: Rolando Robínson

Who doesn’t love a fishtail? Start with two sections — tying the ribbon around one of them. Then while you start to braid, make sure to interlace the ribbon around the braid. Finish by securing the braid with an elastic and then tying the ribbon around into a bow.

Halo Braid with a Bow

Boho braid

Photo: Rolando Robínson

For a cute Boho look, tie two braids together in the back of the head and secure with the ribbon.

boho braid

Photo: Rolando Robínson

To recreate, start with a center part. Then French braid each side up until the ear, finishing with a simple braid. Then pull both braids together, wrap the ribbon around both to keep them in place and tie into a bow.

Side French Ribbon Braid

french braid

Photo: Rolando Robínson

Intertwine a thin velvet ribbon throughout a French braid. Start by placing the ribbon an inch behind the hair line so it sits like a headband. Pin one side so it stays in place. Then start to French braid the other, moving down and around the head. Make sure to interlace the ribbon while you are braiding down so it peeks out every so often. Continue to braid down — loose and messy — finishing with a little bow.

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