Why You Need a Hair Mist in Your Hair Kit STAT

Caitlin S. Miller

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We don’t often wax poetic about an entire group of beauty products, but when we do it’s for good reason. Our latest obsession is really nothing ground breaking, in fact it’s based on the simple pleasure of having nice smelling hair. Enter hair perfume. These fragrant hair mists are designed specifically to liven up and freshen up your locks. (I mean, how often do you find yourself wishing your shampoo scent would stick with you longer than the length of your shower? #Problems) But with hair mists, that’s exactly what you get: Fresh fragrance, anywhere, anytime. No shampoo required. Plus there’s zero chance of ruining your perfectly coiffed ‘do when applying. Need we go on?

Now we know what you’re thinking. Sure you can just spray your fave perfume on your hair, but many mists are actually enriched with vitamins and other beneficial properties to help strengthen and protect your mane. Plus isn’t hair perfume more fun anyway? To help you get started with your own obsession with hair mists, here are three distinct options suitable for any taste preference.

viktor rolf perfume Why You Need a Hair Mist in Your Hair Kit STAT

Photo: Viktor & Rolf

Viktor & Rolf BONBON Hair Mist ($50, sephora.com)

Those who are fans of Viktor & Rolf’s classic scent will be overjoyed to learn there’s now a version of the perfume specifically for your blowout. The luxe scent contains notes of tangerine, blackcurrant, jasmine, caramel, and so much more. Consider your hair very lucky.


kate spade hair mist Why You Need a Hair Mist in Your Hair Kit STAT

Photo: Kate Spade

Kate Spade Walk on Air Hair Mist Spray ($50, ulta.com)

With notes of magnolia and crinum lily, this light and airy scent is sweet and soft. Fortified with proteins, vitamins, and antioxidants, this is one mist that does more than smell pretty!

sachajuan hair perfume Why You Need a Hair Mist in Your Hair Kit STAT

Photo: Sachajuan

Sachajuan Protective Hair Perfume ($69, net-a-porter.com)

Formulated with Sachajuan’s signature scent, this hair mist is fresh and floral-y with notes of peach, apple, and rose. And it doesn’t skimp on performance either. It actually supplies hair with a dose of hydration, protection from UV rays, and protection from static. Have you hit buy yet?

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