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Surprise! Space Buns Are the Most Popular Summer Hairstyle on Pinterest

And we're seriously, truly obsessed with it.
15 prettiest space bun hairstyles

In the majority of the country right now, the weather is horrendously hot (and if you’re reading this while bundled in cold-weather clothes, then good for you, now go away), which means we all have a nice three months of sweaty ponytails and topknots to look forward to while we pretend weren’t not getting melted by the sun. At least, that was our hair plan, until we browsed Pinterest and saw that the summer’s best, most-popular hairstyle is not at all a boring ponytail, but space buns. Yaaas.

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According to the wizards at Pinterest, the top-pinned hairstyle for the summer is double buns—a.k.a. space buns—which is a ridiculously easy (and pretty!) style that any hair length and texture can wear. And though space buns have been recently labeled as a festival-girl hairstyle, we promise you don’t need to douse your roots with glitter and paint to try the style this summer, because it’s surprisingly versatile all on its own.

You can either divide your hair in half down the middle, then scoop and twirl each side into loose, giant buns, pinning them in place and letting your layers fall where they may, or you can create two tight, half-up, half-down bantu knots, letting the rest of your curls or waves hang loosely. Basically, there’s no right or wrong way to wear space buns, as long as some part of your hair is in a bun formation.

Of course, lest the world fall into appropriation territory this summer, let’s be clear that space buns aren’t a new style—women of color have been wearing their hair in protective bantu knots and double buns for centuries, and the term space buns is only a recent iteration on the trend (so no, your girl Britney wasn’t the first). Either way, though, we’re digging space buns as a hot-weather alternative to ponytails, so we rounded up 15 of our favorite ways to wear the Pinterest trend, below. Click through the see them all, and get pinning (both literally and Pinterest-y).

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