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How to Salvage a Blowout Emergency

A busted blowout happens to the best of us.
How to Salvage a Rained-On Blowout Emergency

We do like piña coladas, but getting caught in the rain is just not our thing. We can think of few situations more unsettling to leave the salon with a fresh—or even day old!—blowout, only to find ourselves caught in a sudden downpour that renders our smooth style a waste of time and money. If you can’t avoid getting rained on, there are a few things you can do to redeem yourself and rescue your blowout. Game on.

Blot dry first.
The moisture in your hair will turn quickly into frizz, and using a towel to rub hair dry will only exacerbate the problem. Yes, it’ll dry your hair, but it’ll make it crazy. No matter what hair type you have, use an absorbent towel or a soft T-shirt to gently squeeze the moisture from your hair, and whatever you do, don’t rub. It’ll rough up the hair’s cuticle and result in major frizz and disobedience.

Address it as quickly as possible.
The quicker you can get the moisture out of your hair and address styling problems the better, because the longer it remains damp, the more frizz will have time to develop and present a death sentence for your style. If there’s no chance of you getting to a blowdryer, do your best to get as much moisture out as possible with a towel, or even flip your hair under a hand dryer in a pinch. We’ve done it before and we’ll do it again.

Twist your damp hair in sections.
Distribute a frizz-fighting smoothing cream evenly through your hair, then wrap hair around your index finger in medium-sized sections and let dry. Don’t twist it over and over again or scrunch, as the more your hands come in contact with your damp hair, the more frizz you’ll create. The twisting action, combined with a controlling cream, will help to form style rather than leaving your hair to its own devices.

Work with the texture.
Unfortunately, there’s very little likelihood that you’re going to recover that smooth, silky finish once your hair has been exposed to the rain, so you may as well embrace a rougher, messier look. Distribute a handful of volumizing mousse through damp hair, or mist it down with a texturizing spray once it’s totally dry. Bottom line: don’t fight it.

Use dry shampoo.
Dry shampoo is kind of the answer to everything, including post-rain hair panic. Even a light drizzle can somehow manage to give hair a strangely oily, dirty-looking finish… which is exactly where dry shampoo comes in. Douse your roots in the stuff, let dry, fluff it up, and finish off with a dab of smoothing cream or serum for major volume sans frizz. Whatever you do, don’t brush it—brushing through will result in serious unruliness, frizz, and even static.

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