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5 Hairstyles to Complete Your Halloween Costume

5 Hairstyles Complete Your Halloween Costume

If you’re still stuck on Halloween costume ideas, think about what part of the costume you want to be the main focus. Do you want the clothes to be the whole costume or do you want to concentrate on your hair or makeup? We came up with some suggestions for you if you want to go all out with your hair this Halloween. A big hairstyle can be the whole costume and you won’t need much else!

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Lady Gaga: Everyone will know who you are for Halloween if you copy Lady Gaga‘s many extravagant hairstyles. To create the bow, take a desired amount of hair into a ponytail and spray generously with hair spray. Split the ponytail in two but leave a little bit of hair for the middle. Loop the two sections and pin with bobby pins then wrap the loose hair you left out in the middle to complete the bow.

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A French Maid: If you’re considering being a French maid for Halloween, go with a French twist. Alter the traditional hairstyle by making it a little undone and messy for a more casual and sexy look. Gather your hair at the base of your neck and twist it up. Use bobby pins to secure the twist and arrange your ends how you want, pinning random strands down if your hair is long.

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A Lion: There’s something so sexy about lioness hair that’s ultra-teased. If you want big hair, be a lion for Halloween and tease your hair until it resembles a mane. You can crimp some pieces underneath or create small braids. Wrap random sections around a curling iron for loose waves, then grab your teasing comb and hairspray and go wild.

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A Pin-Up Girl: To be a pin-up girl, you’ll need some classic curls. Use hot rollers for a style that’s sure to turn some heads. Remember that you’ll want to angle the curls around your face. Use plenty of hairspray to hold the hairstyle.

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A milkmaid: If you’re all about braids, be a milkmaid for Halloween and style your hair like Sienna Miller. Take a section of hair slightly behind either your right or left ear, and put the rest in an elastic to get it out of the way. Comb the section over to the opposite ear and begin a simple braid. When you finish the braid, pin it in place behind your ear to create the braided headband. Style the rest of your hair as you wish, but a messy updo is perfect for this!

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