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Beauty Blogger Monica Dimperio’s Clear 7-Day Hair Challenge Results

Beauty Blogger Monica Dimperio's Clear 7-Day Hair Challenge Results


We’ve teamed up with five of our blogger friends to take on the Clear Scalp & Hair Challenge for stronger and more beautiful hair. Follow them as they each document their need for a major difference in their hair, and the results they experience after using CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY THERAPY for seven consecutive days! Monica Dimperio is a writer/street style photographer and founder/Editor in Chief of, a Chicago-based fashion, lifestyle, and culture website. Read on to hear her story! Make sure to check out her before post here and read on to hear her results!

I’m always on the hunt for the perfect hair strengthening products, especially since I’ve been dying mine for the past 15 years! You can only imagine the toll this has taken on my now chocolate-brown shade. There are so many products out there that make promises that it’s hard to know which ones will really stand by their word (not to mention that by nature, I’m a cynic and as a beauty blogger, even more so).

Going into the CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY THERAPY™ challenge, I had my doubts. Multi-step hair care programs are a big fad in the beauty industry right now —“Was this one the one,” I thought. After just three days I was hooked! At first, it was the smell. It is just so subtly feminine that I couldn’t stop sniffing my own hair. Weird, I know, but so true! Then came the results, by mid-week, I noticed how shiny my hair started to become. That’s so important to me as a “bottle-brunette.” What’s the point of dying your hair if it’s just going to look mousy?!  Though, of everything, it was ultimately the Total Care Nourishing Conditioner that got me to believe in the brand. With other hair care products, my hair got clean and even looked pretty good but not one did both while bringing my golden blonde ombre tips back to life. Instead of making my strands look straggly, like most heavy deep conditioners, this one actually gave it volume. All in all, I was definitely impressed with my new-found head of healthy, strong hair. So excited that I gave CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY THERAPY™ a chance. I think I found my new obsession!

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