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I Feel Like the Only Person Who Didn’t Try Passion Twists This Year

I guess there's always 2020.
passion twists
Venti Fashion. Design: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

FOMO, or fear of missing out, is something I rarely experience in the hair realm because I feel most like myself without any. I big-chopped for the second time earlier this year and though it’s been a quick and easy adjustment, I’ll admit there’s a veeeeery small part of me that wishes she hopped on the passion twists bandwagon first. Though many could argue the look isn’t brand new, it was undoubtedly a top textured hair trend this year. And if my spidey senses are on point, it will probably be the protective style du jour in 2020 too.

So what exactly are passion twists? Think of them as a cross between Senegalese twists and goddess locs. The former are two-strand twists with a smooth texture and finish. Goddess locs, created by Dr. Kari Williams, are the lightweight version of real locs, but with a more lived-in finish. When you combine the shape of Senegalese twists with the second-day vibe of goddess locs, the result is passion twists.

Though the finished look is effortless and, for lack of a better wordchill?—, passion twists take a couple of hours to install, especially if you prefer smaller ones. However, if you’re skipping the salon and going the DIY route, experienced bloggers recommend giving yourself some cushion time, choosing products wisely, and preparing for frizz and unraveling, to name a few. But in the meantime, get inspired by some stunning, Instagram-approved takes on passion twists below.

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