Blondes vs. Brunettes: Who Spends More On Their Hair?

Megan Segura
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According to a recent study, Jennifer Aniston will spend way more on her hair than BFF Courteney Cox.

There’s always been a great debate surrounding blondes vs. brunettes — who has more fun? which do gentlemen prefer? — but the real question is who spends more money. A recent study conducted by hair salon Toni & Guy broke down the extreme costs women are willing to pay to keep their hair looking good and the Daily Mail took it a step further by calculating the lifelong costs that come with coloring one’s hair.

Blondes will spend a shocking $54,400 over the span of their life keeping their hair blonde and beautiful. Conversely, brunettes will spend a whopping $47,600 through the years to maintain their own hair color. While the study focused on brunettes and blondes, it did show that redheads’ annual maintenance fee comes out to $751, while blondes spend $860 a year.

See some of the other surprising stats uncovered during the study:

  • The average woman will spend $23,800 on her hair between the ages of 18 and 50.
  • Women will spend an average of $254.91 on salon visits each year.
  • $137.90 will go to buying shampoo and conditioner each year.
  • No surprise, 83 percent of women felt the money they spent on hair care was completely worth it, while 16 percent admitted to getting in fights with their significant other over the amount of money they spent.


Are you surprised by the large amounts we spend in the name of beautiful hair?

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