New Scientific Treatment Offers Way to Restore Hair Loss, Create Fuller Hair

Model Bottega Venetta

Photo: Luca Cannonieri/

With anti-aging hair products hitting the market in recent years, there’s a new focus on hair loss — not just for men. Now, it sounds like a ground-breaking new treatment may pave the way to restoring hair loss and giving women the full hair they’ve always dreamed about.

The New York Times recently featured a new study on a procedure has been proven to not only shift the location of hair (which is mostly beneficial to men), but to also add new hair follicles to the scalp. That’s right, this new procedure actually fosters new hair growth! Because most women suffer from thinning, the addition of hair (not just transporting its location) is really key to restoring hair loss and promoting truly fuller hair.

The new transplant procedure removes a small group of cells that produce hair from the scalp, cultures them to create more cells and then injects them into thinning or balding spots on the scalp. In effect, the hair is not only transplanted, but multiplied.

Before you get too excited, we should mention that the procedure has only been tested on mice so far, but the procedure has been proven to work—the human skin inserted onto the animals has actually grown hair. And this wasn’t just any skin—it was foreskin from circumcised infants, which is normally completely hairless. Now that’s promising.

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