Hair Inspiration For Your Next Workout From Hair Expert Johnny Lavoy

Augusta Falletta

Let’s face it: with the exception of Miley Cyrus, no one looks stylish at the gym. During a workout, you’re sweating, red in the face and probably out of breath. Regardless of which kind of workout you’re into, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice looking beautiful just because you’re at the gym. From yoga to kickboxing to good old cardio, each kind of exercise has different kinds of hairstyles you can choose instead of a ponytail, insuring you look your best the next time you see a cute guy a few treadmills over.

We got the scoop from L’Oréal Paris Consulting Hair Expert, Johnny Lavoy, on how to get the most out of your workout hairstyles, how to transition these looks from work to the gym, and how to deal with washing your hair every day after your workout. Above are some of the ponytail-alternative options you can choose for your next workout!

Beauty High: For women who want to look nice while at the gym, what hairstyle alternatives do they have to the ponytail? 

Johnny Lavoy: Braids and buns! You can do lots of fun things with both or even combining the two.

BH: How long does each braid or bun style take to do?

JL: The great thing about these alternatives is that they can be done pretty quickly, in about 5-15 minutes.

BH: Are there certain styles that are better for certain workouts (i.e. running vs. yoga)?

JL: Hair that is controlled will work for any workout. If your hair is super long I suggest a bun style for yoga. It will keep the hair out of your way for Downward Dog.

BH: If a woman works out every day, how do you suggest she work around washing her hair every day? Even though it’s not good for your hair, not washing hair after working out means a gross hair day. 

JL: There is nothing harmful about washing your hair every day. I suggest it after a workout. No one wants to walk around feeling gross and smelling like sweat. Using sulfate-free shampoos will help protect your hair from damage. My favorite is the new EverCrème Ceansing Conditioner by L’Oréal Paris. It’s one part cleansing, three parts conditioning.

BH: Can any of these styles transition from the workday to the workout?

JL: Yes, these styles can transition really easily. To make a braid or bun more office friendly simply dress it up with a head band or cute hair accessory.

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