7 Times We Got Hair Envy from Guys

Leah Faye Cooper

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We rarely get our hair inspiration from men, but there are some instances when male hair achieves the most enviable of statuses. Over the years we’ve kept tabs on these sightings, and may or may not have referenced a cut or color spotted on a guy when describing our ideal look to a stylist. In the event that you’ve missed these displays, or simply appreciate a walk down great-hair-on-men memory lane, here are seven times guys have given us hair envy.

Jared Leto hair

Photo: Jeff Vespa / WireImage

Who: Jared Leto
When: 2014 at the 86th Annual Academy Awards in Los Angeles
Our thoughts: Leto is an obvious choice, as he’s been changing his gorgeous locks frequently—and at times drastically—ever since his days as Jordan Catalano. This long, wavy ombre is hands down our favorite look of his, and perhaps a bit of good luck. He did, after all, win an Academy Award during this stage.

Andre 3000 hair

Photo: Tony Barson Archive / WireImage

Who: Andre 3000
When: 2003 at the MTV Europe Music Awards in Edinburgh
Our thoughts: There are days when we want nothing more than sleek, straight hair. Then there are days when we want this: an afro so voluminous that it deserves its own name, holiday, and zip code. Bravo, Andre 3000. Bravo.

Jason Momoa hair

Photo: Fotonoticias / WireImage

Who: Jason Momoa
When: 2011 at a Conan the Barbarian event in Madrid
Our thoughts: Among Jason Momoa’s many genetic blessings is his beautiful hair. There may not be enough salt spray in the world for us to get these waves, but we’ll happily settle for admiring his.

Chris Hemsworth hair

Photo: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images For BAFTA Los Angeles

Who: Chris Hemsworth
When: 2012 at the BAFTA Los Angeles’ 18th Annual Awards Season Tea Party
Our thoughts: Was that a perfectly-layered bob, Chris? And what kind of serum is responsible for that sheen? We have so many questions, the most pressing of which is, How do we get in touch with your hairstylist?

Omarion hair

Photo: Jamie McCarthy / WireImage

Who: Omarion
When: 2007 at a taping of Total Request Live in New York City
Our thoughts: TRL may have ceased to exist, but Omarion’s hair during this episode shall forever live on in our hearts. It appears to be a braid out which is one of our favorite styles, though we admit that his looks better than ours’.

Cary Fukunaga hair

Photo: FilmMagic / FilmMagic

Who: Cary Fukunaga
When: 2014 at the 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles
Our thoughts: Do you know what happened after we saw Cary Fukunaga’s French braids? Neither do we, because we passed out. The director was a bit under the radar prior to snagging an Emmy for True Detective, but that ended after his win. It was obviously the hair.

Johnny Depp hair

Photo: Munawar Hosain / Getty Images

Who: Johnny Depp
When: 2003 at a press conference for Once Upon a Time in Mexico in New York City
Our thoughts: No list appreciating male hair is complete without Depp, a.k.a Hollywood’s hair chameleon OG. His locks have been black, blond, long, and short; spiky, straight, wavy, and windswept. They’ve given us chills in all forms for nearly three decades, but it’s this style—soft and naturally parted with dark roots and sunkissed tips—that we’re eternally smitten with.

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