Celebrity Hair How-To – Alexa Chung Tousled Waves

Rachel Adler

MTV fans may not have gotten Alexa Chung‘s dry humor, but we certainly get her style. Effortless pairings of denim chambray buttons-downs with fancy Chanel tweeds? Check. But one part of Chung’s devil-may-care-yet-super-stylish look that hasn’t been dissected thus far is her trademark tousled bob.

If you (like the rest of us here at SC) are slightly jealous of the MTV host from the other side of the pond, rest easy. Cristina Filloramo from Pepper Pastor Salons shows us how to get her textured waves. Read below to get just a few steps closer to mastering the look of the style icon.

Step 1 (above):
Start by blow drying a little volumizing spray such as Oribe Volumista Mist for Volume in to the hair. When blow-drying the front of the hair, brush and blow dry the hair backwards to break up a severe part.

Step 2:
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Once the hair is dry, you want to section out the perimeter or hair that falls around the crown of the head.

Step 3:

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Working on the bottom tier of hair, take two inch sections of hair in your flat iron. As you move your flat iron down the section of hair, turn the flat iron up towards the head, slide down, and then turn the flat iron the opposite way. The less uniform the kinks and bends the better. Repeat until the entire bottom layer is done.

Step 4:
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Once you finish the bottom, repeat the same technique with the hair previously set aside. Create a bend on your front fringe by clamping the hair in the flat iron, rotate the flat iron towards the end and slide the flat iron through the fringe.

Step 5:

89801 1268849993 Celebrity Hair How To   Alexa Chung Tousled Waves
Run your fingers through it and finish with a texturizing promade or cream-based style aid on the ends to give it more texture.

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