15 Gorgeous Hair Highlight Ideas to Copy Now

Megan Segura
15 Gorgeous Hair Highlight Ideas to Copy Now
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There’s no better way to change up your look than to add in some subtle color, especially now that summer is here. That’s right—we’re talking highlights in every incarnation, from tonal blonde on brown to ombré and everything in between. If you’re in search of hair highlight ideas for your next look, look no further than these 15 gorgeous images; they’re basically all the inspiration you could ever need.

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This photo of model Lily Aldridge makes us brunettes want to run to the nearest salon. Well-blended light blonde highlights make basic brown a thing of the past.

Photo: Pinned by Beauty Editor via Beauty Editor

If you like the look of ombré but want something a little more subtle, try sombré. Paler strands are woven throughout the hair to create lightness and lift without a harsh line of contrast.

Photo: Pinned by Miel Lindseth

If you're into pastels, have cotton candy pink highlights stacked on top of a light blonde base for a soft, ethereal result.

Photo: Pinned by María Guerrero via Bloglovin.com

A concentration of highlights at the front of the head really brightens up the face and makes your complexion glow.

Photo: Pinned by Bronwyn Howard-Browne

Glossy caramel highlights can really spice up darker hair colors without making too dramatic of a change.

Photo: Pinned by Megan Thieme via Neilgeorgeblog.com

If you want to go the red route—or if you're already there!—lighten up rich auburn hair with bright red pieces.

Photo: Pinned by Monica Ramirez via Flickr

To experiment with fun, creative colors without sacrificing your natural hair color, just ask for streaks and highlights on the bottom half of the hair.

Photo: Pinned by Tasyana Siouras via Wordpress

Light blonde pieces at the front of the head on darker hair can make light blue and green eyes really shine.

Photo: Pinned by WhoWhatWear

We love the look of bright blonde pieces woven throughout a reddish-brown color for a truly unique, dimensional hue.

Photo: Pinned by Morgan Potts

These highlights are the epitome of natural-looking: Her hair looks like it has been kissed by the sun in the subtlest way possible.

Photo: Pinned by Andrea Lundquist via Neilgeorgeblog.com

Red highlights on top of brown-black hair is a fun, unexpected alternative to the usual blonde highlights.

Photo: Pinned by Sarah Czarnecki

Keeping lighter highlights at the bottom of the hair is not only a fun idea, especially for summer, but it makes the growing out process a breeze.

Photo: Pinned by Melissa via Neilgeorgeblog.com

If you have naturally medium to light blonde hair and want to dabble with even lighter blonde, start with the ends of your hair for a seamless transition.

Photo: Pinned by Maggie Gurski via Mocasdevinte.wordpress.com

Thanks to natural, tone-on-tone blending, this look requires zero touch-ups at the salon.

Photo: Pinned by Emily Stone via Boxno216.com

This light blonde-on-blonde look is perfect for summer.

Photo: Pinned by Katie Booker

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