You’re Doing It Wrong: Using Your Hair Dryer

Megan Segura

unnamed 11 Youre Doing It Wrong: Using Your Hair Dryer


The hair dryer is one of the most beloved hair styling tools, but strangely enough, most women aren’t using theirs correctly. Lisa Lobosco, a creative director at Ecru, points out the all-too-common mistakes she sees women making with their dryers.

“Using an old hair dryer or not cleaning out the air vents can be really damaging to your hair,” says Lobosco. “When the lint or hair builds up in the dryer, air can’t flow through properly. The pressure in the dryer goes down and too much heat is required to get it dry and styled, making the hair super damaged from all the heat.”

To keep your dryer working properly (and your hair from getting fried), Lobosco suggests cleaning out the vents or replacing the dryer periodically. “Hair dryers should be replaced every five years for optimal use.”

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