IRL Inspo for the Vibrant Hair Colors You’re Going to See Everywhere in 2019

IRL Inspo for the Vibrant Hair Colors You’re Going to See Everywhere in 2019
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In living color isn’t just the name of an iconic show that we wish was still on TV. It’s also one of the many mantras we’re taking with us into 2019 and beyond. Make no mistake: learning to live more boldly, confidently and intentional certainly takes time. But we’re not nearly as patient when it comes to ensuring our outside reflects what’s happening on the inside. And what better way to do it quickly (and fiercely) than by experimenting with the hair colors predicted to trend this year?

Browns, blacks, reds and other neutral tones will always have their day in the sun, but when it comes to neons, we’re constantly shuffling shades in and out of our starting lineup. Because as application methods, such as filters and overlays, continue to evolve and reinvent themselves, so does the array of colors available. And in 2019, experts are remixing the long-standing faves into more tones than we can count and applying them in ways that’ll satisfy minimalists and maximalists alike.

According to our forecast set by expert hair colorist Kate Reid, purple, green and pink are the shades du jour and while we could have her spell out different ways to take them on, IRL inspo is the more practical route. Ahead, a slew of different ways to dip into the dye, regardless of your shade.

Purple Hair Inspiration.

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images.

Metallic Violet

Purple hair is arguably the most versatile of neon colors. If Instagram is any indication, it pops against any and every skin tone, and even though “metallic violet” may appear to be hyper-specific, you can still pull off that glossy finish in a slew of different purple tones.

Go full-on violet, but leave your roots a slightly darker shade.

Play with different shades of violet–from deep to pale–throughout your strands.

Opt for a dark base and layer with highlights in a brighter shade.

If you have dark hair and don’t want to damage your strands by going super bright, maintain a glossy, metallic finish with a deep purple.

You can never go wrong with classic violet and classic balayage.

For those with textured tresses, stick to deeper shades and test with temporary color first, since lightening agents are especially damaging to this hair type.

Jade Hair Inspo.

Kirstin Sinclair/Getty Images.


On the other end of the spectrum is a rather tricky shade. While green hair is usually described as a color reserved for those who consistently experiment, it does have everyday “wearable” appeal when you consider all of the ways you can dye your strands without going full throttle.

Take a chance on multiple shades of lived-in jade.

Blondes looking to stay as close to their natural hue as possible can start with a paler jade and work their way to a darker shade over time.

Contrary to popular belief, a lighter shade of jade also flourishes in combination with dark roots.

If you want a jade that’s closer to green than blue, this forest green makes for beautiful inspo.

Dark forest green is also a more subdued alternative to the more popular bright, blue-ish jade.

Pink Hair Inspo.

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No, you’re not imagining it: rose gold hair has been trending for years and for good reason. Its popularity coincided with the rise of millennial pink and for lack of better words, the color packs punch, regardless of the shade you choose to dip your strands in.

A pretty pink pixie is never a bad idea.

Dusty rose for brunettes who want to keep their roots.

Or add dimension with blush, pink and rose in one.

Rose gold tips for the minimalist who still wants to switch things up.

Blondes have more fun; especially when you throw rose gold into the mix.