Maintain Your Makeover With These Instant Root Touch-Ups

When we’re in need of a change, a new hair color always seems like the obvious choice. You can always dye it back, right? But the maintenance that comes with a new dye job can become a hassle, fast. (My dark roots start showing up in two weeks). If you don’t want to make the trip to a salon every month, try these root touch-ups that provide a quick color fix.

Root Touch Up Products

Oscar Blandi Pronto Color Root Touch Up & Highlight Pen ($23,
When you want to cover up roots on the go, this is the product to have stored in your purse. The pen works just like a Sharpie marker to draw color along the hairline. You can even use lighter colors to paint in natural-looking highlights.
Available in beige blonde, light golden blonde, warm reddish brown, neutral brown, dark brown and jet black.

Alterna Stylist 2 Minute Touch-Up ($24,
The built-in brush makes the application of this gel formula super easy. Just brush along the roots for instant color that dries quickly and washes out with one shampoo.
Available in blonde, light brown, dark brown, black.

Rita Hazan Root Concealer ($25,
This aerosol spray works just like Rita Hazan’s Pop Color. Spray along the hairline, holding the bottle six inches from the hair, to cover grays and grown-in roots.
Available in blonde, dark blonde, light brown, dark brown/black, and red.

Clairol Nice ‘N Easy Root Touch-Up ($6.99,
If you want longer-lasting color, try Clairol’s root touch-up that lasts three weeks. The application is similar to other box hair colors, but features a color brush that makes it easy to apply color to just the roots. Unlike a full dye job, no shampoo is needed after.
Available in 13 different shades, ranging from light blonde to black.

Jonathan Product Awake Color Root Touch Up ($19,
This mineral-based loose powder applies similar to powdered dry shampoo but has a brush that makes application more controllable. Just twist the bottom and brush product onto roots. This is also perfect for thinning hair because it gives the illusion of thicker hair on the scalp.
Available in black, blonde, red and brunette.

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