15 Stylists I Always Insta-Stalk for Hair Color Inspo

15 Stylists I Always Insta-Stalk for Hair Color Inspo
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Disclaimer: I don’t condone actual stalking. But in the context of my favorite hair color Instagram accounts, what I mean by insta-stalking is simply checking in on a regular basis for inspiration. Harmless, right? Back in the day, I remember going to the hair salon and flipping through actual magazines (remember those?!) for hair color ideas. And though that old school route is still an option–with dusty covers included–I like any other millennial would rather scroll the ‘Gram instead.

When I’m contemplating something as transformative and labor-heavy as a dye job, my penchant for needing to see each and every option before making a decision kicks in. I need to not only screenshot some of my favorite celeb looks for reference and drop them in my group chat for feedback. There’s also the hundreds upon hundreds of stylists who constantly post before-and-afters, tutorials and/or product recommendations that keep me in a perpetual state of blissful confusion. Do I go lighter? Do I go darker? Should I just throw on a wig and call it a day?

I imagine it will take the rest of my life to create a complete rolodex of hair color pros that doesn’t make me like I’m missing out. So until that miracle actually occurs, here are 15 stylists that stay on my radar. Time to hit follow and set up those notifications.


Her clientele includes everyone from runway models like Dilone to actresses like Christina Ricci. If you want a wide range of inspo from natural browns and blacks to vibrant neons, this account is a must-follow.


Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez count on this mane pro whenever they need a fresh color and style to pop on the red carpet.


If you’re into bright and beautiful rainbow colors, look no further than this Las Vegas-based stylist’s page for the boldest inspo ever.



Not only am I obsessed with this celeb stylist’s hot tools; I also love gawking over her color work on celebs including Lucy Hale and Jenna Dewan.


I love how the background of each portrait on her page always matches the hair color. So chic and dreamy-looking!


I could spend hours scrolling through this Denver-based stylist’s mesmerizing rainbow dye jobs.


For more laidback, naturally-looking dye jobs, Kim’s page is a neverending scroll of beautiful browns, blacks and dark neon shades.


If you have brown hair and want to amp things up with highlights or an ombre effect, Cherin’s page is full of photos you’ll want to show your stylist.


We have Nikki to thank for several of our favorite hair transformations, including Sarah Hyland’s shag and Emma Roberts blunt bob.


Jenny’s specialty is multi-colored strands and intricate braids; the perfect combo in my opinion.


Though Eva’s expertise extends to all shades and tones, I’m especially enamored with her lighter transformations to ash gray, blonde and millennial pink.


If you like to see actual transformations with before-and-after shots, follow this account so you’re not just seeing the final product.


She’s a go-to for celebs including Emma Stone, Charlize Theron, and Mariah Carey. Basically, she’s the heavyweight hair color champion of Hollywood.


In addition to working with Hailey Baldwin, Jennifer Lopez and other celebs, Hazan also has a namesake hair collection for color upkeep.


If you’re a blonde looking to freshen up your color, Ramirez’s page should be bookmarked ASAP.