The Best Hairstyles for When You’re Wearing Hair Chalk

Jaclyn Sciara
The Best Hairstyles for When You’re Wearing Hair Chalk
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Hair chalk is certainly nothing new, as we’ve seen colorful styles at New York Fashion Week, at music festivals, and on some of our favorite celebrities. The best part about the dip-dyed hair look is that certain hairstyles can really highlight your fun color, so we’ve found 10 hairstyles that will get you the best hair chalk styles around. Instead of sticking to the old style of simply wearing your hair down, braids, twists, buns and other strategic styles can really make the most of your colored strands.

For those of you who are nervous to try hair chalk for the first time, take a look at our how to video for getting the best chalked hair. Let us know in the comments below which hairstyle your most inspired to try!

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Make your subtle hair chalk stand out with a thick, wrap around braid for a half-up hairstyle that'll turn heads. 

Image via Instagram

You just can't get more fun than this funfetti themed high pony for summer time.

(Image via Salon Style Pins)

The only thing better than a top knot is a pink top knot.

(Image via Instagram)

Let this sleek style show off a beautiful ombre color.

(Image via Killer Strands)

For a surprise burst of color, an upside down French braid into a bun makes for an unexpected hairstle in the back. 

Image via Instagram

 A waterfall braid keeps those bangs out of your face during summer time and looks super cute when tied with a bow.

(Image via The Stuffs)

This tousled hair looks natural and simple, which really allows the hair chalk to be the star of the look.

(Image via Instagram)

Make like a mermaid with extra long curls and turquoise hair chalk. 

(Image via Instagram)

Photo: Instagram/Instagram

A sock bun will highlight every bit of color in your hair. 

(Image via Instagram)

Photo: Instagram/Instagram

Before you style your hair into a sock bun, leave out a large piece of hair for a wrap around braid where your hair chalk will really shine. 

Image via Instagram

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