Hair 411: Look Good Wet


Allure met up with expert hairstylist David Babaii in the August issue and he gave the 411 on how to style your hair wet just in time, with a few weeks of summer left on the calendar.

One point Babaiii mentions that is your hair does not have to look immaculate to look good at the beach. The first suggestion Babaii makes is to take a bottle to the beach.This is your own creation of one part conditioner, four parts water. Spritz hair from roots to ends; work through with a wide tooth comb; stressing not to use a brush. A wide tooth comb will not only detangle your locks, it will evenly distribute the conditioner throughout your hair. A brush will create a big “rat’s nest.” This will bring out natural waves, while making your hair soft, even after swimming.

One great styling product is salt water. Babaii says not to be in such a rush to rinse out the salt water as it will give your hair great shape and texture. Fine, textured hair should air dry in the sun wrapped in a bun or ponytail to create more shape. Babaii strongly advises to staying away from any type of elastic with metal pieces because that may cause breakage.

Just hanging out at the pool? Run your hair under water before entering the chlorine. After spending a few hours in the water and sun, Babaii mentions your hair usually looks thicker and wavier, but has an unruly texture. He suggests for a “pin up” look at the pool, try puling a two inch section of the hair straight back from the middle of the hairline to the crown securing it with a bobby pin. Or part the hair on the side and anchor the smaller side behind your ear with two bobby pins. For a sweet look, Babaii suggests parting the hair in the middle and sliding in a pin an inch or two from the part on one or both sides.

For more 411 on interview with hairstylist David Babaii check out August’s issue of Allure magazine.

Sidenote: If you have the Keratin treatment in your hair, it is highly recommended you immediately rinse out the salt water.