Hair 411 – How To Get Stick Straight Locks

Rachel Adler

I’ve straightened my hair for years now (or at least attempted to!) and yet I still haven’t managed to nail that stick-straight Marcia Brady hairstyle I’ve always imagined would go perfect with some summery bohemian duds. I can get my strands to curl under, flip out, and go pretty much every other direction under the sun, but straight is the one thing it stubbornly refuses to do.

Which is when, after all these years of fighting my strands, never mind humidity, we elicited the help of a hair expert. Dax Anderson from Cutler Salon stopped by StyleCaster to give us a few hairstyle tips on how to get your locks to stay perfectly straight. Read below and learn how to finally master the sleek look!

Step 1:
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Take your Redken Glass Smoothing Serum you want to find a shine or smoothing serum that doesnt have alcohol in it. Look for something silicone-based so its a little oilier. Apply it to the ends of the hair (about two to three inches from the end of the hair) and actually rub through your ends until your hair is saturated the ends should look oily and greasy.

Step 2:

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Take your flat iron (we found the CHI’s ceramic ones do wonders) and a comb in your hands and with small sections of hair, start at the top of the serum and slowly smooth the ends with your iron to the point where there is a slight smoke. Run the comb through the ends before each section to keep each section completely smooth.

Step 3:
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When you see smoke, dont panic! Youre burning off the product and not the hair; youre sealing the oil into the cuticle of the hair. Also, remember not to run the curling iron too quickly through the hair to make sure youre sealing the product and burning off the oil. Enjoy your pin-straight style!

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