Hair 411: Beat the Heat


During these sizzling summer months I really miss my car. When I could leave my apartment and hop into an air conditioned car my hair never took a beating. Now, unfortunately, taking the subway in NYC feels like my Bikram yoga class. With that being said- now really is the time to buckle down and get serious about our locks in this heat. The coming months are going to be just as intense, if not worse, so let’s be prepared. Not every day is day at the beach where we can just let our hair air dry in the sun, so let’s explore some other options for what we can do for our hair in this summer heat.

First and foremost I cannot stress this enough- the summer is the worst time to wrestle what you were blessed with from Mother Nature. If you have curls, make them work for you. With a well balanced haircut and suitable products, the heat will activate your curls even more throughout the day. Also be sure to give your hair a good shake every few hours to reinvigorate the bounce.

For those who prefer your locks on the smoother side, absolutely consider a Keratin treatment to eliminate the majority of your frizz. As I’ve talked about in previous posts, this will make your hair much easier to deal with.

For fine hair, sweat will collapse any type of set style. Beat it. Keep a Fine tooth comb handy and a hair band. A chic pony tail looks better than clammy sticky hair.

Just remember the importance of being prepared. On your way out the door, throw a hair band in your bag…or around your wrist. It doesn’t make such a bad accessory.