Hailey Bieber Swears By This Drugstore Lip Balm To Soothe Her Pout—& It’s Down to $14 For 1 More Day

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Hailey Bieber Swears By This Drugstore Lip Balm To Soothe Her Pout—& It’s Down to $14 For 1 More Day
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When it comes to hydrating your skin this spring, there simply aren’t enough products to add to your daily rotation. There are so many good ones to choose from, like Jennifer Aniston’s fave Tatcha lip mask or Brooke Shields’ go-to Laneige hydrating treatment. While these ultra-nourishing formulas are indeed amazing and worth every penny, you shouldn’t skip out on one simple but effective lip balm that happens to be Hailey Bieber’s all-time fave.

It’s still cold AF, and I don’t know about you, but my lips have been getting drier. Luckily, Mrs. Bieber and I are on the same page about the best lip balm on the market. The A-list model raved about Aquaphor’s Lip Repair Ointment to Glamour, saying that when replenishing skin is the goal, “it just does the job every time.” 

I can personally confirm that this lip balm definitely gets the job done time after time. It’s a go-to product that’ll help your lips through the toughest of times. The formula calls on castor seed oil, glycerin, panthenol, shea butter, and other lip-saving ingredients. It’s no wonder why it flaunts a 4.7-star rating on Amazon, with over 20,000 perfect ratings.

Now that is one impressive resume. If that’s not enough for you, I’m not ashamed to admit that I own 11 tubes of this ointment, including the O.G., SPF, and stick versions. I may have an Aquaphor problem, but my lips are all the better for it. 

And I don’t feel bad about my purchases, because each tube costs just $4 on a normal day. Today, though, is special in that you can get this lip balm in a pack of three on sale for just $14 during Amazon’s Prime Early Access Sale. And ICYMI, it ends today, so you’ve got to act fast with this deal (and any others that are sitting in your cart). Just be sure to sign up for a Prime membership or free 30-day trial.

Soon enough, you’ll be in the same boat as me, hoarding Aquaphor’s Lip Repair Ointment like there’s no tomorrow. 

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Aquaphor Lip Repair Ointment Amazon

Photo: Aquaphor.

I’m not being overdramatic when I say that I own 11 Aquaphor Lip Repairs. I need one on me at all times, so I keep tubes in my bag, desk, bathroom, car, and the list goes on. My lips seriously can’t go without it. 

I already mentioned the skincare ingredients that make this formula so beneficial for dry, chapped lips, but the texture is right up there, too. It’s thick, but not so thick that you feel like your lips can’t breathe. It’s also instantly moisturizing, stays on for long periods of time, and doesn’t get all crusty after 10 minutes of wear. 

Aquaphor Lip Repair Stick Amazon

Photo: Aquaphor.

The best part is that you can go with the original version, or try the same formula just with sun protection, or test the stick format. Bieber swears by the Lip Repair Stick, revealing in a video with Vogue France that she “can’t live without it.” I recently discovered the stick and have been reaching for that one more often. It’s super easy to apply and feels just like the O.G. edition. I have one on my desk and one in my purse at the moment. Join the club and grab the Lip Repair Stick on sale for just under $4 at Ulta.

There really isn’t some secret, magical ingredient that stands out among the others. Aquaphor uses simple ingredients like vitamins, shea butter, and chamomile essence. There’s no fluff in the tube, as in no fragrance, preservatives, or sparkles. The uncomplicated formula makes the product suitable for even those with sensitive skin.

Over 20,000 Amazon shoppers agree with Bieber and I. 

“This lip repair ointment has worked magic on my very very dry lips,” wrote one five-star reviewer. “I got my first tube three days ago and am so impressed that I just ordered three more tubes. I sure don’t want to run out now that I’ve found something that consistently keeps my lips moist & feeling GOOD!”

Another reviewer tells it like it is: “If you have chapped lips and you use this product, you will no longer have chapped lips. It is that simple.”

It really is that simple, so don’t let your lips dry up and crack any longer. Stock up on Aquaphor’s Lip Repair Ointment for $14  and Lip Repair Stick also for $14 while the sale is on for one more day only.

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