Hailey Baldwin Looks Shockingly Different With a Black Bob

Elizabeth Denton
Hailey Baldwin Looks Shockingly Different With a Black Bob
Photo: Shutterstock.

There are some celebrity hair changes that look fresh and new but not all that different. Maybe it’s a bit of face-framing highlights or a few inches off long hair. But Hailey Baldwin’s black bob could not be more different. The 22-year-old model showed off the look in a photoshoot for Interview magazine for its September 2019 issue. The caption reads: “There’s something about Hailey. The first lady of pop @haileybieber.” It’s a nod to her year-long marriage to Justin Bieber. While fans don’t appreciate her being called the “first lady of pop,” (most seem confused about the difference between the princess of pop and first lady, TBH), they are loving her hair.

“Ooooh she’s edgy,” wrote music exec Allison Kaye when Baldwin posted the photo on her own account. “Ooo the dark hair looks good!” said photographer Devyn Galindo. “DARK HAIR HAILS🔥” wrote a fan. It’s not just the black hair, though. This is also the shortest we’ve seen Baldwin’s hair, though she does love a chic bob.

The new look is obviously a wig since Baldwin was back to her mid-length blonde hair the next day—or the next hour, actually. Another shot from the magazine shows her looks stunning back to her ’90s lob in a honey blonde hue.

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