Hailey Baldwin Shows Us Exactly How to Rock Bangs This Fall

Rachel Adler

Hailey Baldwin may have had a full week to figure out how to wear her bangs just so—and okay, some help from the professionals—but the 18-year-old model is still killing the hair game. On set with Express yesterday, Baldwin took plenty of selfies to show off her new look and we want to copy the entire thing, ASAP. Her eyeball-grazing bangs give her the perfect rocker-chic vibe that is so ’70s and so straight off the runway.

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With tousled shoulder-length curls, Baldwin has been coyly letting her bangs part in the middle or simply hanging in her eyes a la Sienna Miller circa her Alfie days. We almost can’t even picture the model without bangs at this point—her sultry stares are just that much more piercing through her fresh fringe.

So, in case you weren’t already considering going for the chop, we’re sure you are now. Just make sure you describe the “Hailey” to your stylist when you go.