Beauty Habits Men Don’t Want to Know About



When it comes to female grooming routines, there are just some things that men really dont want to hear or know about– like the details of a painful brazilian wax or eyebrow threading appointment. So for all the ladies out there, take this as a cue of what not to discuss on your next dinner date. And men– if you plan on scrolling to view the below, don’t say we didn’t warn you. Here are nine gory beauty habits that no man wants to know about.

1. Applying Cellulite Cream89525 1268162579 Beauty Habits Men Dont Want to Know AboutImage:

Anything that has to do with the word “cellulite” is probably a major turn-off for any guy out there. Therefore, asking him to help you slather it on to those hard-to-reach areas the next time you’re feeling a bit flabby probably isn’t the best idea.

2. Bleaching Upper Lip Hairs89522 1268162209 Beauty Habits Men Dont Want to Know AboutImage:

Were almost positive that guys don’t want to know that you bleach the tiny hairs on your upper lip. Were also pretty sure that he’d rather not have an image of you in his head with a mini mustache. This beauty ritual is one secret best kept from the male population.

3. Examining Facial Pores89528 1268163157 Beauty Habits Men Dont Want to Know AboutImage:

Let’s be honest, all girls do it. But does that mean that men should be kept in the loop? Keep the gory, hands-on details of how you keep your face blackhead/whitehead free to yourself. Men want to believe that your face is naturally that flawless– not a construction zone.

4. Brazilian Waxing89521 1268162057 Beauty Habits Men Dont Want to Know AboutImage:

Even if guys like the end result, they’d rather not hear a play-by-play of your latest Brazilian wax (or any waxing, for that matter). Were pretty sure he doesnt want to know that you lathered hot wax on yourself in order to painfully rip out tiny hairs in miscellaneous regions all over your body. What do you think, men?

5. Keeping Your Feet Callous-Free89533 1268165609 486x Beauty Habits Men Dont Want to Know AboutImage:

After walking around in high heels all day, your feet can get a bit overworked and calloused. And keeping feet smooth and touchable is a much more involved process than any guy would imagine. Exfoliating, scraping, removing dead skin cells– the whole process grosses even us girls out, so imagine how your guy might react. We suggest keeping the details about the lengths you go to keep the bottoms of your feet callous-free to yourselves– and make sure to hide your ped-egg the next time hes over.

6. Wearing Retainers89539 1268167300 Beauty Habits Men Dont Want to Know AboutImage:

Certain men may turn to putty at the sight of their lover’s smile, but picturing a retainer circa the 9th grade thrown into the picture? Not so much. Keep your teeth straightening device safe in an enclosed container the next time he sleeps over at your place. Retainers are one tool men aren’t equipped to deal well with.

7. Mud Masks89524 1268162446 Beauty Habits Men Dont Want to Know AboutImage:

Sorry guys, but these facial fixes don’t exclusively exist in the movies. Women actually use them from time to time. But ladies, while men might appreciate your flawlessly glowing skin, were also pretty sure that hed appreciate if he didnt see how it got that way. Do your mud mask routine while hes gone unless you want him to have reoccurring nightmares of the creature from the black lagoon.

8. Underarm Laser Hair Removal89531 1268163654 Beauty Habits Men Dont Want to Know AboutImage:

We applaud the brave women out there who decided to undergo underarm hair-removal surgery, but were not sure if men would feel the same way. Keeping an air of mystery in this case would probably serve any woman well.

9. Threading Eyebrows89537 1268166161 Beauty Habits Men Dont Want to Know AboutImage:

Using strings to rip out eyebrow hairs sounds downright barbaric to any man, so dont even try to explain the process to your beau or male friend after your next salon visit. Just let him admire how well kept you look in blissful ignorance.

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