13 Pretty And Practical Gym Hairstyles

13 Pretty And Practical Gym Hairstyles
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OK, we’ll be honest: even though our workout sessions are for focusing on our fitness goals, we also want to look good. It’s not just a vanity thing; we’re pretty sure we can stay in plank for way longer when our hair looks good. That’s just science. But it’s not good enough to rock an adorable workout hairstyle if it falls out the second you break a sweat. So we’ve rounded up 13 of our favorite beautiful—and practical—gym hairstyles. Prepare to get totally inspired.

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Sometimes you can't go wrong with a sleek low ponytail. Apply gel to the crown to keep fly aways at bay.

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The classic high ponytail is still a gym staple. Update it a bit by adding texture with a texturizing spray. To forgo any product, just brush hair back into an elastic with your fingertips to create that similar effect. 
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This messy 'do is perfect for those with short hair. Simply start with a French braid and leave a few piece free for added texture and style.

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Loose side braids can fall out while working out. Instead, opt for a tight fishtail that's funkier and will last throughout your training session.
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Not feeling a ponytail? Try a thick headband to hold down your hair.

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Spice up your basic ponytail by sectioning it off to create this bubble look.

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It's a classic because it works, keeping hair up and off the face and neck. Now take it from ballerina to messy chic by roughing up the texture on top and leaving a few strands loose.
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Tired of bangs in your eyes when you work out? Braid right at the hairline, continuing down for a gorgeous side braid. 
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No time to shampoo after a workout? Try a twisted bun with bobby pins. Once you're done, take out the clips, and voila loose, lived-in waves. 
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This chunky side braid is fit to take you from the gym to brunch seamlessly.

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Dress up a boring ponytail with a simple headband. Go with black or add fun color to jazz it up a bit. 
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No need to worry about loose strands falling out of a pony with this braid/ponytail hybrid. To recreate, just tilt your head forward and start braiding from the bottom, working your way up.
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This hair loop not only looks super cool, but it's so sleek and structured, it won't get in the way of whatever workout you've got planned.

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