Gym Etiquette: Avoid Being That Girl With These 8 Tips

Leah Bourne

gym etiquette tips

Most of us consider the gym a place of solace. It’s a place where you can sweat, better your body, and even better your mind. That is, until the rude gal using the elliptical machine before you forgets to wipe the sweat off the handles. Ew.

Just because the gym is a relaxed environment, doesn’t mean you can let all etiquette go out the window. Here, our sister The Vivant has rounded up 8 gym etiquette tips to help you avoid becoming that girl. Some might sound like common sense, but if everyone did them, we wouldn’t need to keep reiterating them. Read on!

1. Don’t Keep Equipment You Aren’t Using.
Taking up multiple pieces of equipment during peak times, or while others are waiting to use them, is simply a no no. It might be OK if the gym is especially quiet, but come on, you know when you’re being selfish.

2. Wear Deodorant.
We hate that we actually have to say this, but some people simply forget to do this when they go to the gym, thus the words of advice. Enough said, just do it.

3. Don’t Ask Your Workout Neighbors For Advice.
Seriously, no one wants to be asked while they are working out what their routine is, you’ll break their concentration and seriously piss them off in the process. Keep in mind that your fellow gym rats aren’t actually your friends. Same goes for offering unsolicited advice to others: Just don’t.

4. Don’t Ogle Other Members.
This goes for both sexes, so stop staring at the hot girl in yoga pants or that ripped guy doing push-ups. It’s creepy and distracting.

To read the other gym etiquette tips, head over to The Vivant now!

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