Make Over Your Gym Bag With These Five Essentials

gym bag

Photo: Getty Images

Not only is the new year a time to jumpstart a forgotten fitness routine, it’s also a time to clear out the clutter. So before you rush off to hot vinyasa (assuming you’re the overachiever type), take the time to give your gym bag a little makeover by only including these bare necessities. 

Skip the makeup, whip out the wipes.
Let’s be honest, makeup is not a necessity at the gym (as much as we love our mascara, it’s staying home). Working out is the one time of day we should definitely feel confident without the foundation. One beauty product you do need: facial wipes. Cleansing your face of any makeup or dirt residue will prevent buildup in the pores. Product in the pores can lead to acne.

Swipe on deodorant.
This one’s a no brainer. Pack the deodorant and apply often. Another genius sweat-preventer to try: boob deodorant. The lotion is formulated to prevent chafing and promote dryness by turning into a whitish powder as you work out. Bigger cup sizes will love this.

Roll it out.
Never go to the gym without a foam roller. Before hitting the elliptical, loosen up your muscles—targeting the quads, flutes and IT bands—to extend the muscles fully and get in the best workout possible. 

Bring a towel.
Yes in this freezing weather, you are going to sweat. Keeping a towel on hand a) keeps you from sliding off the yoga mat and b) prevents excessive sweating from causing body acne.

Tie it up.
Don’t be THAT girl. Your curls may look gorgeous blowing free on the treadmill, but no one wants your hair hitting them in the face on every stride. Tie it all up in a ponytail or bun and keep extras handy in your bag. And always pack a headband for days your flyaways just won’t listen to reason.

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