Gwyneth Paltrow Beauty Evolution: 18 Years of Perfection

Gwyneth Paltrow Beauty Evolution: 18 Years of Perfection
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Gwyneth Paltrow is one of those rare beauties who could try pretty much any look and still remain impeccable. She could roll out of bed, step out without an ounce of makeup on and still look better than most of us look on our very best beauty days. I’ve always liked Gwyneth enough, but I’ll admit I wasn’t part of the original early 90s Gwyneth lovers. But in the past year, I’ve started to develop a bit of a girl crush on her, which was pushed into high gear when I saw her in Country Strong.

The girl can act, the girl can sing and the girl can rock a 90s rum raisin lipstick better than anyone I’ve ever seen. Click through and join me on Gwyneth Paltrow’s Beauty Evolution.

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Gwyneth looking bare-faced and beautiful back in 1993.

There's that rum raisin lipstick I was telling you about – the first of many to come.

In 1995, Gwyneth started rocking the signature golden locks we all know and love.

She went for a bolder evening look at the 1996 premiere of "Emma," going with a dramatic red lip.

Those thin brows are oh-so '90s, no?

Gwyneth is all about creating a balanced beauty look, so for the 1998 premiere of "A Perfect Murder," she went with a deep red lip but kept the eyes fairly bare.

The girl was rocking the trendy middle part before it was even a trend.

We all went through an experimental phase – the dark hair was Gwyneth's. I kind of love it... very Angelina.

This was Gwyneth's awkward, in between hair color phase

I love everything about this sleeked back look, but the best part is that dark eyeliner, which really makes her blue eyes pop.

Gwyneth rocked a dark, smoky eye and braid for the 74th Annual Academy Awards in 2002.

Leave it to Gwyneth to flawlessly pull off bold bangs, a risky look for most people.

A rare look for Gwyneth, she went ultra-glam in 2003, with fake lashes, side swept hair and a glossy red lip.

Can you say hot beach babe? I don't know how she does it...

So pretty and romantic in 2005!

While I generally believe Gwyneth can do no wrong, she may have gotten a little too aggresive with the fake tanner at this 2006 event.

The sexy mama chopped off her locks back in 2008, looking sultry in bold eyeliner for the "Iron Man" premiere in London.

Gwyneth was killin' it in that hot pink lipstick in 2009.

I'd say Gwyneth is the queen of the middle part, but she decided to do something a little lot different for this 2010 Louis Vuitton after party.

Aaaand we're back to classic Gwyneth... wouldn't have her any other way.

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