5 Things We Know About #UDxGwen So Far

Alle Connell


The rumors are true: Urban Decay is officially teaming up with the incomparable Gwen Stefani for an exclusive makeup collaboration called Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani. While you hyperventilate, allow us to say that we know—we, too, have zero chill about this. Gwen has been one of our beauty—and life—inspirations for as long as we can remember, and if there’s a makeup-loving woman alive who doesn’t adore Urban Decay’s awesome line of fun-yet-chic products, we have yet to meet her.

Because we’re so excited about the upcoming partnership, we sat down with Wende Zomnir, Urban Decay’s chief creative officer, to find out everything we could about the just-announced collaboration. Though you’ll have to wait for news about the products, we did get some exclusive intel about what’s to come. Here are five things we know about #UDxGwen so far—and some things we’re really, really hoping for.

1. It’s all about inspirational women.

Like basically every other woman in the world, Wende is a huge fan of Gwen—and has been since the early days of No Doubt. “I was living in a shack in Laguna when I first heard ‘Just a Girl,'” Wende told us. “And I was immediately like, This girl is amazing! Gwen was so cool and different, and she’s always inspired me.”

Wende is an inspirational woman herself: A lifelong makeup addict, she cofounded Urban Decay back in 1996 to address a seriously beige beauty market. Almost 20 years and countless stellar products later, she’s still steering the brand toward what’s new and next in makeup, while also being one of the most fun, creative, and smart people we’ve met.

Urban Decay and Gwen have already worked together—they teamed up to launch The Ultraviolet Edge, Urban Decay’s global charity initiative to empower women. And now, with the official announcement of Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani, Wende is once again aiming to inspire women to experiment with their looks the way Gwen has always done.

Wende says that this collaboration—Urban Decay’s first-ever celeb line—was something that she and Gwen have been planning practically forever. “It was never the right time, until it was,” she said. “It only took 20 years!”

2. Gwen genuinely cares about makeup.

Beauty has always been an integral part of Gwen’s career, from her early days working at a MAC counter to the rise of No Doubt, when her red lipstick served as armor in the male-dominated music scene. “There are so many celebrities who don’t know what their makeup artists put on them, and in their downtime, they don’t even wear makeup,” said Wende. “Gwen doesn’t leave the house without it. It’s really important to her.”

3. This was a hands-on collaboration.

Unlike a lot of other celebrities who just slap their names on a couple of products, Gwen actually knows what she’s doing and was deeply involved every step of the way. “We spent four or five months working on this together,” Wende told us. “We wanted to get every detail right, and Gwen was into it. She wasn’t like, ‘Here are the shades I like; go make it happen.’ She tested every single one. She’s a makeup person, and she’s a cool person.”

4. The potential is incredible.

Gwen has never been scared of taking risks with her hair and makeup, and she’s rocked the hell out of some of the most iconic beauty looks in music history. Combine that with Gwen’s other creative ventures, and there’s an actual world of inspiration behind this collaboration. Though we don’t know what to expect from the line yet, we’re dreaming of bold pastels inspired by her Harajuku Lovers line, metallics pulled straight from ‘Underneath It All,’ and perhaps even a signature red … but only time will tell.

5. This is the ultimate cool-girl collab.

Gwen has always inspired us with her individuality, passion, and determination to push boundaries. Whatever she does, she does it her way, which makes this collaboration with Urban Decay a match made in beauty heaven. “Gwen is so great,” Wende told us. “She has this huge persona onstage, but in her real life, she’s really sweet and present and down-to-earth.”

We think we speak for every makeup lover on Earth when we say that we can’t wait for #UDxGwen to land. This collab has the potential to be seriously life-changing to our beauty collections. We’ll continuously update as we get more product scoop!